Monday, April 20, 2009

Let’s Talk About Juicy Couture Dog Carriers

Who could have ever predicted how far the designer tote bag market would reach to supply a consumer demand? So now it seems that your pets too have their standards and scruples and nothing but the best will do when it comes time to be carried along with you. Never to worry though, because Juicy Couture has just what you and your pet need in stylish and affordable Juicy Couture Dog Carriers.

The Juicy Couture Pink Leather Carrier

In fact, the price range covers the complete spectrum, beginning at the low end with doggie tote bags such as the Juicy Couture Pink Leather Dog Carrier that cuts no corners in style, in spite of its rock bottom price. It's constructed from the finest artificial pink leather trimmed in turquoise and it looks great!

The Juicy Couture Pink Crown Pet Carrier

At the other end of the Juicy Couture Dog Carrier pricing spectrum is the Juicy Couture Pink Crown Pet Carrier. At $250, it's one of their top selling pet totes and features the gold crown Juicy logo emblazoned on its side. It also features genuine hand selected and matched fine grade leather, catchy brown trim, reinforced bottom corners and it looks fantastic!

Juicy Couture Dougie Tote Charms

Of course there are just loads of Juicy Couture dog carriers to pick through in the “plus or minus $100” price range. Take as an example their velor dog carriers that come in a wide range of color options that can be found online for as little as $50! Also if your a real dog lover there are super cute Juicy Couture doggy tote charms for your tote bag.

Don't Get Stuck With a Counterfeit

Remember though that one thing you don't want to get stuck with is a cheap imitation or counterfeit Juicy Couture Dog Carrier. Sure they may look like the genuine article in the tiny fuzzy pictures on the net but as soon as you get it in your hand there will be no mistaking it from a fake. Crooked seam lines, mismatched leather and cheap malfunctioning zippers are all par for the course and they just aren't worth the savings in the end.

A Few Things To Know

Always take the time to check a websites feedback and if a deal sounds just too good to be true, it most likely is. If the pictures are fuzzy or they demand that you “buy now” to get in on the super deal then you only have to ask yourself “why”. After all, there are “always” lots of great deals on Juicy Couture's Dog Carriers online.